While Black

Not All Serial Killers are White - Introducing: Fruitloops Serial Killers Of Color Podcast

July 9, 2019

While we are busy recording episodes for Season 3 we didn't want to leave you with nothing so we want to introduce our family podcast - Fruitloops: Serial Killers of Color Podcast.  They are supporters of While Black and we are supporters of them.  We've talked about them a few times on While Black and they are the only podcast with intro music as dope as ours!!

If you have an interest in the crazy world of serial killers then please go and check them out.  They do a great job of bringing the crazy deranged serial killers into your car or living room in a safe (and often funny) way.  Wendy and Beth delivery creepy content in their own signature way and we are fans....

And I promise IT GETS CREEPY!!! - check them out

Look Alive Guys Its Crazy Out There!!!!

Fruitloops website:https://fruitloopspod.com

Follow them on twitter, FB, or IG:@fruitloopspod

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