No Justice No Peace w/Attorney Gerald Griggs - Social Justice … While Black

February 16, 2019

If social justice matters to you then take my word for it THIS IS THE EPISODE FOR YOU. Social Justice Fighter Attorney Gerald Griggs lays it out like none other … PERIOD.

We talk everything from being to woke to vote, what social justice is and how we find our way to the promise land and what a social justice league would look like today.

We also open up the While Black Anti Racism Call Center getting you prepared to handle any racist words coming your way.

Just go listen RIGHT NOW to Attorney Gerald Griggs

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Hip Hop Saves America w/DJ Hurricane - Legendary … While Black

February 9, 2019

Can Hip Hop has save Black America?  That's the question we pose to a hip hop originator the legendary DJ Hurricane.  Hurricane cut his teeth in hip hops early years alongside Run DMC and his best friend Jam Master Jay while creating his own brand as the long time DJ for the Beastie Boys.

On this episode we talk how hip hop has created an economy allowing more of us to thrive and survive than sports.  We also hear his thoughts on the growth and future of hip hop and learn if maybe hip hop missed an opportunity to create advocates in white america where enemies now stand.

Hurricane breaks down his role in hip hop today, his daughter's success on the reality show Growing Up Hip Hop, and spills the bean on his new project Jay’s Hat, launching soon!!!

Tune in now and understand the experience of not just growing up hip hop but being active in the birth of hip hop

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Purpose Driven Hustling w/Sammy Approved - The Hustle … While Black

February 2, 2019

If the hustle is more art than science then today's guest Sammy Approved (The Hip Hop Barbara Walters) is without question a critically acclaimed artist.  She has developed a knack to not only find her way into amazing opportunities but also to create opportunities in the places she wishes to be. The power of believing in yourself and turning that belief into action is a skill the black community can always learn and improve upon - and Sammy has it down cold!

Today's episode isn't about what black about what she does but instead its a focus on creating success while black and not stopping until YOU are satisfied with your position.

Download this one now and get busy building!.  

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I Feel Like Praising Him w/Gospel Artists Half Mile Home - Gospel Music … While Black

January 26, 2019

Ain’t much (and by ain't much we really mean nothing) we enjoy talking about more than Jesus and in todays episode we talk at length about the LORD and our expression of love for him via musical praise.  This is a dope episode in general, but especially if you have ever been through anything. Most of us recognize that religion and gospel music have carried us through some dark time and some amazing moments and we were blessed to have Gospel Recording Group Half Mile Home in the studio with us to share all things gospel and address a few of their dark and amazing times.

They take us on a ride covering their time with Jodeci and Missy in the basement all the way to praising the holy name of the lord up to building their own appliance business empire.  All things are possible through faith and Half Mile Home is a shining example of that.

Strap up and buckle in for an awesome episode with an inspirational and enlightening guest in Half Mile Home.

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I Wanna Be A Star w/Rhavynn Drummer (T.P. Studios)

January 19, 2019

Being a casting agent is a dope gig, but just like any other job it comes with its share of hurdles.  Racial bias, ignorance, and “black on black” crime are as prominent here as they are anywhere. Take a moment and chop it up with While Black and Rhavynn Drummer (Casting Director, Freelance & Tyler Perry Studios) as we talk casting while black.

If you are interested in what's black about the industry, getting casted or starting a career behind the camera this is a must listen to episode.  Rhavynn drops gem after gem and gives her opinion on the good the bad and the ugly. We also discuss those FB posts saying that Tyler Perry will buy you a new house if you just repost this one little post..SPOILER ALERT… STOP DREAMING....

Parting words  ... “Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith”..... Hold on to that nugget from Rhavynn and apply it to every aspect of your life...You're welcome.

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I’ll Take The Diet Fries (w/The Queen of Abs) - Fitness … While Black

January 12, 2019

Fitness starts with diet!!!  If you don't take anything else from this episode take that.

Today, just in time to support holding on and meeting your weight loss and fitness resolutions While Black was blessed to sit down with the Queen of Abs - Ms Santia Deck.  Santia is a personal trainer, fitness model, athlete, and all around DOPE person that knows what she is talking about when it comes to health and fitness.

If you have a desire to change your body or your level of health THIS IS A MUST LISTEN TO EPISODE. She breaks down the rules of health engagement, sheds the light of truth on to what a cheat day actually should be, and she drops pro tips to help you succeed.  We also talk about the lack of color in the fitness industry and what our communities need to “shape up” and eat right.

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Our Music Our Stories w/Grammy Nominated Artist Dwele - Soul Music … While Black

January 5, 2019

This episode was recording on location in Dwele's Atlanta Airbnb so the sound is slightly different from our normal - but its still AMAZING!!!

This is a side of Dwele that you have not seen in interview before so take it in and enjoy it! The interview was simply DOPE!!

Today we chat with National Recording Artist Dwele about the role of black music today as well as his music and its role in the culture.  We touch on the history of music's relationship with black folks from songs like Strange Fruit to What’s Going On all the way up to todays music. We honestly have a great time talking good music.  

We learn whose entire musical catalog Dwele would erase if he had to and believe me the choices was gave made it an impossible question.

Dwele also tells us what he thinks black folks need to create a better country for ourselves and has some dope advice for our community to “build a window” toward greater opportunity.

For you Dwele fans this is a very different glimpse into one of the dopest soul music artists around today.

Check this episode out now!!!

Hit the download button now to join this conversation and have a great time learning about Soul Music, Dwele, and our culture.

This is a great episode that you dont want to miss.

We also want to know whose musical catalog you would cut...While Black Isht!!!

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HIV Has Changed LOVE Hasn’t - HIV … While Black

November 30, 2018


We are still off season until the new year but we owe our people to much to miss dropping an amazingly dope and informative episode on HIV for World Aids Day. Enjoy!!!!

HIV is no longer a death sentence! It has changed considerably over the last decade and considering we make up a disproportionately large percentage of new HIV diagnoses we should all be better informed.

Listen to Nona Nunu Thomas talk us through learning her diagnosis, how she is winning at life despite her diagnosis, and how she is enjoying healthy abundant relationships including monogamous unprotected sex while NOT transmitting the virus.

Do you know what prep is?

Do you know what pep is?

Do you know your status?

U=U undetectable means untransmittable

To find Nona hit up her Facebook page or her LIYT - Live in your truth ( page on Facebook.

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What do you think we’re gonna do…Ask? Season Finale … While Black

November 10, 2018

Welcome to the last episode of While Black season 1

Today's episode is a fun one. We introduce you to the third and primarily silent member of the While Black team...the man behind our dope quality...Wahid

We talk while black shit, our favorites episodes and what's coming next for season 2  

We also play a Tupac clip that shares the distinction of being the bedrock for which While Black is based.

Tune in and enjoy

We will drop a special episode on December 1 for world aids day…and then we will see you in January for While Black season 2



1 in 5 suffer - Mental Illness … While Black

November 3, 2018


How many times growing up did we see our uncle who was always drunk or our aunt who was known to have conversations with herself. How many times did you hear that someone was getting a crazy check and how often were you told just to be careful around that certain family member. Mental illness affects so many of us that it has become normalized. So much that we often don't recognize it and often dont get treatment.

1 in 5 US adults suffer from mental illness and 1 in 16 suffer from major mental illness. Today we sit down with Dr Harrison Davis to dive into mental illness in the black community. We learn what mental illness can look like and how we can better take care of those around us who suffer from it.  We also learn how to increase our chances of surviving a police interaction when in the middle of a mental health crisis.

For more information on Mental Illness please visit The national alliance on mental illness (NAMI.ORG)

Please find more info on Dr Harrison at his website ( or on his podcast Two Therapist and a Microphone

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