While Black

When GOD Speaks - A Powerful Story of Loss, Life, and Love w/Lil Rod

April 12, 2021

No story you have heard today will move you, motivate you, and inspire you like today's episode of While Black.  Lil Rod, the founder of Fresh Outt Fitness, once considered himeself "the devil in the flesh" but now a vessel for GODS will.  Rod has been ordained by GOD to improve your physical and spiritual health and when you hear his amazing story of loss, love, and life you will be made better.

This is the last episode of this season and it's one that you absolutely must listen to.  Rod is touched and directed by GOD and if you are considering listening to While Black right now it must also mean that GOD has a message for you.  Make sure you listen.

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Recorded @ drsatl.com
Theme song Produced by Wahid Gomes and licensed through Verde Music Group

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