While Black

The Amber Guyger Trial & Castle Doctrine (RIP Bothem Jean)

October 6, 2019

White Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger was convicted and sentenced to 10 years for the murder of Botham Jean.

This episode is far from our normal format - we skip all of our normal upfront banter (No While Black Isht - No Dope Quotes) instead we head straight into the details and break down the Amber Guyger Trial for you.  We brought back Criminal Defense attorney Ecleynne Mercy (IG: MercyLaw_GA) and Criminal Defense attorney and Former Federal Agent Mac (twitter: Macspeakslegal) along side marketing expert T Adeola (Twitter: @stemwhisperers & @tembo8482) to break down this case, the sentence, the optics, and the impact on our culture at large.

BTW Allowing Castle Doctrine into the case was a smart strategy - listen to learn more about why!

If you followed this case at all and care about understanding the details as well as how this case will impact you then you MUST tune in and listen.