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“Stunting” Like My Daddy w/Stunt Actor Jazzy Ellis

April 12, 2020

When was the last time you did a upside down seated handstand inside of a flipped over burning car?  

When was the last time you free jumped off of a 40 foot tall building?

When was the last time you set yourself on fire....ON PURPOSE!

Exactly - Me either!

But for today's guest, Ms Jazzy Ellis, that is all part of a regular day in the office. Welcome to an episode all about being a black stunt double/stunt actor.  It's full of the shit you don't think about in a regular day and Jazzy talks it all - from the danger to the workout, from the risk to the dollars, from the fun to the scary. 

Jazzy is highly experienced and chances are you've seen her as you watch your favorite films from the Avengers Infinity War movies, to Luke Cage or Bad Boys For Life, and all the way to The Fast and The Furious (The last one i believe).

Tune in listen up but please remember Jazzy is a trained professional and you should NOT attempt ANY of what you here today...except for the inspiration to get up and get trained on something you are passionate about.

Follow Jazzy on all social platforms @jazzyellis and click here for all of her MANY acting credits - JAZZY ELLIS IMDB

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