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“Stay Woke” w Justin Blu - Enlightened … While Black

March 23, 2019

Staying woke is more work than woke.  Digging in and forming your own perspective is not an easy thing.  The world is noisy and most of it comes from those who who would have you picking cotton rather than picking homes on their block.   How do you re-educate yourself when the country is vested in your miseducation? How do you trust yourself when the country says you aren't trustworthy?

Today While Black sits down with Justin Blu and dives into a great conversation on getting woke and staying woke while black.  Justin breaks down so much in this episode including was segregation a civil right or a civil wrong, why we MUST pay attention to the treatment of other ethnicities, and what black people need more than anything.

Please download or listen now and “Stay Woke”

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