While Black

Planting Your Money Tree w/ Ensa and Ranauldo wright (Financial Series 4 of 4)

September 8, 2021

Listen up Family - the conclusion to our financial focus series is every bit as strong and needed as each episode before.  We have worked with you on building a budget, getting out of debt, understanding how tax law can help you save and build and now we are focused on investing.

If you are ready to plant your own money tree and teach money how to work for you instead of you working for money then hurry up and press play.  Mr Ranauldo Wright has so much game to share with you - you are doing yourself a disservice by not paying attention.

This is a must listen and a must share

Catch up to Mr Wright on IG @Ranauldowright or email him directly at rmwright23@yahoo.com

Make sure you go engage with Ensa at her business site SEED Financial and on her IG page

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Recorded @ drsatl.com
Theme song Produced by Wahid Gomes and licensed through Verde Music Group

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