While Black

My Life, My Love, My Way w/ Lisa Cunningham

October 19, 2019


Lisa Cunningham is a dope producer, significant influencer, was there during the infancy of Atlanta hip hop...She is also a lesbian woman who is optimistic about the future of black folks and the LGBTQIA community.  These are the reasons the we sought her out - we wanted to sit down and learn how to be the best ally possible to the LGBTQIA community.  If we are honest we as black people want strong allies and i think that creates the responsibility for us to also be strong allies.

By now you should know how we roll on While Black which means if it involves black folks and we can teach you more about it then you should expect it from us.

So sit back, open your ears and your mind and learn something about the LGBTQIA community - you may find that it makes you a better person in general.

Catch up to and follow Lisa on her IG @captcunningham or hit her website at www.ihavethesecret.com

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