While Black

Me, Myself, and My Cello w/OkCello

September 7, 2019

Black people are a multidimensional, multifaceted, and multitalented group of people and some of us even play the Cello. 

Meet today's guest, Okorie "OkCello" Johnson, a house music appreciating, Morehouse graduated, ex-hockey playing cellist that has graced stages, backroom, videos, and albums for music greats such as India Arie, De La Soul, and Big Boi (check the Kill Jill Video - SUPER DOPE). 

OkCello takes his time during this interview to lace us with amazing perspective on the African Diaspora, the future of the black community, and amazing personal cello spoken interpretations of situations we face often....plus he does it with both his voices (the one coming from his mouth and the one coming from his Cello)

This is a special and at times personal episode that is informational and emotional all the way through.  You will walk away better as a result of listening - we promise - so sit back relax and enjoy.

Go follow OkCello at www.okcello.com or on IG: @okcello

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