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I’m With Her - Youth Activism w/ Kylie Rice

March 9, 2021

Our future is bright with the young leaders of the movement at the helm! They have a drive, a passion, and a dedication that that is unstoppable. Much like the great leaders from the civil rights movement, there is a power that resonates inside our youth, and we are better served by partnering, listening, and learning.

On today's episode, we are joined by Kylie Rice a 16 year old high school student who has firmly planted her foot and fist into the fight for civil rights. Kylie is the founder of When Will It End 2020 and is relentless in her quest for social justice and equality. She discusses everything from her social justice origin story to her thought on how parents can get out of the way and allow their children to show up and show out.
I know this episode will inspire you.

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