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Corona Virus (COVID19) PART 1 - Emergency Episode - We Want You As Informed As Possible

March 18, 2020


If you have any questions or need the most up to date information please visit The Center For Disease Control and Prevention www.cdc.gov   Additional credible sources are The World Health Organization (https://www.who.int/)   Given how new COVID19 is and how fast information is changing please make sure you are using credible sources for your information.

We apologize that todays episode is lower quality sound than our normal however we felt it was important enough to trade sound quality for much needed information on the Corona Virus (COVID19). As such we recorded this interview over the phone.  BTW Dr Sutton was a trooper ...no hero..bc she did this interview even though just the day before she had a potential exposure to COVID19.  So when she said lets do this over the phone instead we understood.

In part 1 of this emergency session we are joined by Dr Madeline Sutton who has a long long list of credentials but served for 20 years (Until last year) as an Epidemiologist at the CDC.  Dr Sutton takes some time to break down all the most current information on COVID19.  In addition, she busts a few early myths.

Again Dr Sutton was potentially exposed to COVID19 earlier this week and as such we decided to make the move to record via phone so the quality is not our normal - please forgive us but THIS IS MUST LISTEN TO INFORMATION!!!! 

Lastly, in order to get this episode to you as fast as possible (overnight) limited editing was done.

Enjoy, take heed, be safe, and SHARE so your brothers and sisters can also be informed

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