While Black

Black, Proud, and Militant AF

August 24, 2019

Get ready! - We really cant say much more than that. 

Initially we planned to talk about the 2nd amendment and gun rights for black folks but our guest Kimoni Sadiq had a wealth of opinions, incredible experience, shining intellect, and a fearless personality that led us into an unexpected conversation about the origin of black people, the power in unity, and the fact that there are definitely black people in the future.

Buckle up and hold on tight for this one

Keep an open mind as you listen and regardless to if you agree with his perspectives, his word choices, or his fearlessness promise to listen and allow yourself to learn something.

We want to remind you that on While Black there are no rules and learning is always an option.

Tune in, listen up, and sound off - let us know your thoughts because this episodes goes EVERYWHERE!

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