While Black

BHM - Powerful Words w/Martin Luther King III Celebrating Dr Martin Luther King Jr

March 2, 2021

On this, our last installment of the powerful words series, we close out with a King delivering the words of a King.  Martin Luther King III reads and performs for all of us the powerful words from his father last sermon from the pulpit of Ebenezer Baptist Church.  The sermon is called the Drum Major Instinct and from its call for police to stand with black citizens to its discussion of how many of us fight to keep up with the "Jones's" it is hyper relevant.

During this session, there were moments that i had tears in my eyes.  None more so than when Martin himself get a little chocked up as he read through his fathers words about his own funeral which we now know would end up being only a couple of months later.  In this session, I realized that to us Dr Martin Luther King Jr was this larger than life figure that we respect and hold high because of what he did -  but to MLKIII he was simply Dad.  You get a chance to feel the real emotion in Martin when you realize that much like i miss my own father he misses his own.

This is a very special episode of While Black Presents "Powerful Words"

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